Waiting for the fall
expecting to hear the smash on the floor
because something is about to break
I can feel it bursting through me

and do you remember my name
and the days we bled into each other
and do you recall a time
where nothing were fixed
and we were just non-linear at heart

silent oceans become maelstroms
without you nearby
to teach me the fickle little things
we all discard so easily

and do you remember the game
where we hide in plain sight
do you remember we were nowhere
but everywhere all the same
the unseen beauty of nothing
faded from me

and if my sin is to miss you
a divine angel must be crying
as it writes my sin in its books
its feathers must be falling
and another piece of me dying
in weathered pages in the book
of our unseen beauty of nothings

(c) 2015 allen simpson
inspired by Dreadful Shadows and The 69 Eyes