Hanneliese deel wyshede wat ons geleer het gedurende ons Pelgrim’s Tog en vertel van die pragtige mense wat ons ontmoet het

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“Life is a journey, not a destination” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

and along  this journey you pass ‘roadsigns’ to guide you, to show you what is important in life. These signs can appear in many forms, I believe…

Sometimes, or to some, most of the time, you just don’t recognise the signs. But then, as a very dear and wise friend put it to me so often, you have to open yourself up, to note these signs.

You may think that sometimes you are alone on this journey, but there is always a co-driver with you…your subconscious…the ability to make you aware of the meaning of the signs along your way.

People can be ‘roadsigns’ too. There is so much you can learn from people. No matter where you go, intended or unintended, it is part of your journey through life. Some people or characters on your journey is there…

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