To the next generation

Hey you, it is time for my generation to let go. We have done some pretty amazing things and done some pretty screwed up things, it is now your turn. Learn from the mistakes we have made, please see if you can fix some of those we made and tried to fix ourselves. The earth we give you, we have broken a lot of it and fixed a lot of it, and we hope you can make it better for your children and children’s children. We give you our hopes and dreams that you may fulfill it and rise above our generation. We give you our hope because it is the second most precious gift we have been given. Our most precious gift you already have. You have our love. We gave it the moment you gave your first kick in your mother’s womb.

Go forth and be the light for generations to come.

with Love,

The previous generations

(c) 2015 allen simpson

For Angie, Alison, Donnavan, Monique, Tracey, Damien and Robet. With love