Sjoe, Hanneliese doen my ‘n groot eer aan deur een van my gedigte in haar blog te gebruik en ‘n paar fotos van my by talle begrafplase…. ek voel so geeerd ❤

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100_2023 Belfast begraafplaas in Mpumalanga

Cemetary – the word come from a Greek word that means “sleeping place” The older term graveyard is often use inter-changeably with cemetery, but primarily referred to a burial ground with a churchyard.

100_2072 Pragtige kruise in die Lydenburg begraafplaas

“Graveyards are oases of tranquillity in this chaotic world. They are places where some people finally find in Earth’s welcoming bosom the peace and solitude they craved for their entire lives. Are there really an after life? No one really can tell for sure. But it would be grate if there were one ” – Jaz Jaz

100_2070 Rustig sit The Undertaker by grafte in Lydenburg se begraafplaas

“Graveyards are a house of the death. Little more needs to be said to send chills down the spine of many people. Death is an instinctual fear that most people have because of their fear of the unknown, compound that…

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