life is not just to survive
life is about being alive
it is a contact with the soul
and the small print is too easily forgotten
there in states:
“Yes, you must learn from mistakes
attain wisdom no-matter how long it takes”
but also written almost hidden
because of the opinionated eye
there is also written:
“Find what makes you happy
try to live a life with no regret
and always try to take your smile to bed.
When the contact ends and you die
even with that last breath
rise above all dark dusty thoughts
and soar….
So live life to the fullest
forgive yourself and others
and find small even inconsequential little things
to smile about…”
If only we would read that part
but alas, our eyes have forgotten sometimes
how to read with the beating loving heart….

(c) 2015 Allen Simpson

Photo taken at the Voortrekker Monument, Pretoria

Photo Copyrighted to Hanneliese Bredell and Allen Simpson