Every  Tuesday I  focus on a band or artist and play a music video featuring them. This month we listen to Porcupine Tree, an English progessive rock band.

About today’s video: “The video is dedicated to Arielle Daniel, a girl who was killed by a train in November 12, 2005, at the age of seventeen, together with a friend of her, Heather Bates, who was fourteen years old. Arielle was a big Porcupine Tree fan who founded the band’s MySpace Group. The accident occurred when the girls were taking photos on the rails. Both were from Oak Creek, Wisconsin. During a show at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in June 2, 2007, her family were present among the audience, so Steven Wilson paid tribute to them, saying “This is for Arielle” just before the band played “Blackest Eyes” which was her favourite song. That night, “Way Out of Here” was performed without showing the video on the screen. The girl in the video, has gotten positive feedback both from Arielle Daniels father, and from her friends, who thanked her, and said she did a good job.” Information: YouTube (To listen to Blackest Eyes click on the word above, it is a link)

This Tuesday’s song: Porcupine Tree – Way Out Of Here

Genre: Progressive Rock



Out at the train tracks
I dream of escape
But a song comes onto my iPod
And I realize it’s getting late

And I can’t take the staring
And the sympathy
And I don’t like the questions “How do you feel?”
“How’s it going in school?”
and “Do you wanna talk about it?”

Way out
Way out of here
Fade out
Fade out, vanish

And I’m trying to forget you
And I know that I will
In a thousand years, or maybe a week
Burn all your pictures, and cut out your face

The shutters are down and the curtains are closed
And I’ve covered my tracks
Disposed of the car
Trying to forget even your name and the way that you look
When you’re sleeping
Dreaming of this

Way out
Way out of here
Fade out
Fade out, vanish