the paint is cracked and she is weary
the harlequin is on the hunt
she finds her strength in what the joker said:
‘that what does not kill you,
makes you stranger’ yet…’

somewhere in the lurking shadows
a dark knight whispers to a robin
tonight she might be caught in his net
but the harlequin always returns again,
with no regrets

harlequin hunts tonight
the joke is on the joker
and she is ready to fight
her love is waiting in the asylum for her
beware the harlequin stirs…

(C) 2013 allen simpson

this poem is about the dc comics character ‘the harlequin’ who works with ‘the Joker’ and often fights the ‘dark knight’ Batman.
Photo copyrighted to the lovely Leigh LeRoux who is also the model in the photo. (Leigh thank you for the permission to use the photo)
the quote in the poem is from Batman Returns. Something the Joker said