December you vampire, you murderer, you tiresome leech that steal our energy at the end of the year. We are all so tired, the year has taken all our energy, we just want to break free and get away. Leave our homes, get away from work so that we can relax.

December we are so afraid of you because this is the time when people cannot cope, suicides soar high, higher than any other month in certain areas of the word. December, some people are sad. The house at Christmas is getting emptier as family members become more alienated from each other.

Years ago the tables nearly broke because of all the food, now the prices are so high that there are people with just a bread for Christmas. December there are hobos on the street, there are poor people living in cars, there are old people without children that, because they are never visited, there even are children abandoned by parents….

It is madness… It is a mad world….

(c) 2015 Allen Simpson