People hate, scorn, outcast or deem things evil or satanic if they don’t understand them. We were all put on this Earth different, showing that the Creator/Great Spirit have a great sense of humor but we as humans lack that sense of humor.

If a man or woman dressed in black they are seen as satanic, if a woman smokes cigarettes she is frowned upon, a man wears cosmetics so people decide that he is gay. If a person wears a pentagram people think they are in some weird cult or if a child draws a yin-yang sign it is decided that the yin-yang is evil.


We don’t go through the trouble to understand these, even if Google and Wikipedia are at our fingertips, we trust in our friends who are equally too lazy to do research to give us answers and most of them say ‘oh it’s satanic or oh, that is evil’ out of stupidity.

Poor Creator/Great Spirit. We are so arrogant not seeing your wisdom and sense of humor. Teach us.

So mote it be

(c) 2016 allen simpson