Some people find the fear of dolls or Pediophobia as a stupid thing… I know better. Dolls can be scary and I think people that are afraid of dolls have a very healthy fear. You see, I am living proof that dolls are creepy. Even if no one, believe me, I know better because I have survived a horrible event that is still with me today…

One day when I was small, about nine we visited my Aunt at Henley-on-Klip. There was a train track about half a mile from her house and everyone was there. I was at the house alone. I went inside to go to the toilet. When I passed her bedroom, something compelled me to look inside, perhaps that curious sense of wonder a child have, I do not know. I looked in. Against the wall was a ventriloquist doll called Schneider. My aunt inherited it from her father which used to be a stage magician. Now before I continue I must stress that everyone was outside. That no-one was near the house. I must also stress that in those days controlling things with a remote was much more difficult than now so what I experienced was not done by remote control. I looked into her room, and, as I said, saw Schneider and thought nothing of it. I started to walk towards her bathroom again when the doll which was with its back towards a solid wall, turned its head to me. It spoke my name…

It dawned on me that my aunt, the only ventriloquist alive in the family, was no way near the house, in fact, I saw her at that same moment at the train tracks talking to my mom. No human was controlling Schneider, his back was towards a solid wall. I ran from that room, my pants filling with the warmth of my urine. I will never forget the day that thing spoke to me….

I’ve had quite a few encounters in my life that might be considered supernatural or paranormal, and I think that day made me a believer. Since then I have seen things, felt things, and it just confirmed to me that there is something out there. It is not just in the dark of the night, it is sometimes in a house, in the middle of the day. Afraid of dolls? Good,maybe you should be.

On the last note: I have met people that had similar experiences than me with dolls. I am not alone. And to you who might also have experienced things the ‘should not be possible’, think on this, maybe you aren’t alone either. Maybe somewhere someone has seen things, felt things and will listen to you open-mindedly.

(c) 2016 Allen Simpson

I have told this story before on this blog but recently a video reminded me of my experience.

Here is the video. I just want to say that I have researched this story, It is true. It is not fiction. Just like my story, this is based on fact.