I am the Mother Earth, your God. Even if you do not believe in me, I call you my child. I am the earth you walk on, the air you breathe, the water you drink. You cannot leave me because I am your home. I provide the animals you eat, the fruits you harvest. I demand your respect. Every animal you hurt, every plant you hurt with your stupidity is a slap in my face, yet I allow you to live. I could poison all your rivers with my lava, I could smite you with poison rain in the blink of an eye, but I love you.


I weep with compassion and love when you help a little bird with a broken wing when you plant a new tree. I weep with you when you watch the rising of the sun with joy in the morning when you see a newborn life being born. I am your God, even if you don’t worship me, I will feed you, love you and mourn you. Respect my animals, my trees, and each other.


I am. I exist. Feel my power and love in your life each day. Do not think you can deny my existence, because you walk on my sand. I am sacred, every piece of me is hallowed ground. You are holy because I am holy. I am. I am. I am. Call me Mother Earth, Danu, Tara, Terra, Anu, Gaea, I have many names. And I love you in all of them.

(c) 2012 Allen Wolfie Simpson

This is an answer giving to me once at a time I really needed it.

All the photos were taken at Lone Creek Falls, Sabie and are the copyright property of Allen Simpson and Hanneliese Bredell