The circle is cast and I
Listen as my sons and daughters
Chant my names
It is a celebration of me as winter season, and I
Feel the love of my children

A lone priestess holds her hands high
In another place far away
Her voice entwines my windy whisper
As she calls upon me and pray

I am the earth of all seasons
Known by many names
Danu, Demeter, Ceres, Tara, Gaia
I am each season
I am the ground beneath your feet
I am the wind you breathe
I am the water you drink
I change like every woman
Once a month my tides are high
When my daughter Moon
Shows her whole face
Embrace my winter cold
Like you embrace my summer heat
Understand my gift of love
Every season am I
There is love in every season


(C) 2013 allen simpson
For all pagans in winter