I believe in unicorns
I am a vagabond
I am a knight on a quest
somewhere I will rest
where Elven ale’s best
I am a dungeon freak
I go where its deep
Treasures to seek
maidens awaits
behind pearly gates
and dragons will chat
or burn off your hat
fantasies in grey
on my bedroom wall
buy that potion
at the guild hall
press menu to save
to fight later again knave
over distant sea scene
on my computer screen
warlocks to slay
will I be a paladin today?
I am a dragonlord
typing my sword techniques
on my computer keyboard
(fantasy in the grey
in the screen of my computer
a visit beyond the Aether)
I am a dungeon freak…
Let me get my geek on
it’s not just a game, son
I live the fantasy…

(c) 2012 Allen Simpson

an ode to computer gaming. Yes I am a geek. The picture is a screenshot from the MMORPG game Royal Quest introducing my characters BladeMagenta, Bluedance and Selkie.