we all have a hole somewhere
an eternal obstacle
some of us acknowledge it
we build bridges over it
we fill the hole with light
some turn it into an abyss
they all stare into the abyss

we all have a hole somewhere
be it from death or tragedy
pain or insecurity
that hole is a choice
we are the shapers of our own destinies
we are the architects of our own futures
we have the power to make ripples in the pond called life
we have the power to face anything thrown to us.

It is just a hole
any hole can be crossed
the hole is the sum of our limitations
the symbol of what can be filled with our achievements.
Be the change you need in the world
Acknowledge you have flaws and embrace them
We are all flawed and that is perfection.

Perfection is not being the perfect person without flaws
it is being able to see beyond your flaws
and seeing the beauty in you.

Walk in beauty, always.

(c) 2016 allen simpson