In a world lost of colours
pictures are framed with despair
and breathless
we wish to breathe in the air
the rainbows, so black and white
reminds me of you
words that meant so much
broken in two…

I wait for this to end…
I wait for the end…

are we damned not to know
the end of the disease?
arms stretched out, praying
sometimes feeling beyond the reach
demons from this pit
this depression, taunting me…
I wait with bated breath
-for in my blinded heart
I forgot how NOT to see-

I wait, is this my end?

there are millions of colours all monochrome to me
and ashen words like hope feel so far away
shallow breaths of maybes lead me astray

i wait and it’s tearing me…

(c) 2012 – 2016 Allen Simpson
Inspired by Don’t Go by the Cruxshadows…

Photo taken at Swatruggens by Hanneliese Bredell