‘the world is a vampire’ – quote from smashing pumpkins

the world with fangs, biting at my heels
I try to walk and I try to run
but the world lets me crawl and says its fun
knees are just bits of bone
as prayers fly up only to hit a stone
and the bank fees eat up my butter and bread
and the accounts are more hungry than the walking dead
and there is no medical so I am forced to sit
in the halls with the sick at underpaid hospitals
and in the street, every street has a toll
with a cardboard sign asking for money
and you look away full of shame
you want to help but your fate is almost the same
and your nights are restless and dreams won’t come
because the nightmare is your life when you wake up
and every day someone in the neighbourhood is hit
with a hijack or ends up dead on the street
and the economy according to the news
is shit on piles of shit
and people are striking again somewhere
and people are unemployed somewhere
and people live in cars somewhere
and people are running with me somewhere
because the world has fangs, biting at our heels
this fucking world needs solutions
rf it will eat us all up.

(c) 2016 allen simpson

the world is a vampire
–reference to the Smashing Pumpkins song “Bullet with Butterfly Wings”
when an event or circumstance reminds you of how stupid/evil/unfair humanity is.

explanation and meaning credited to the Urban dictionary

Picture from wallpaper site