I like Coldplay, though it is not my favourite band there are a few songs I love like Clocks and Paradise. Tonight however I discovered a magic(k)al cover of a Coldplay song and it is not your usual cover version. It is done by an ensemble of talented Indian musicians and vocalists. But wait before I tell more take a listen to this. Have an open mind and enjoy this fresh breeze to a Coldplay song!  

The music is one by The Indian Jam Project and here is a quote from their YouTube page that explains more about them:

“The Indian Jam Project is a fusion platform, founded by young Producer/Composer Tushar Lall, who is the brains behind arranging and composing the Indianised adaptations, often by bombing them with his own compositions. The arrangements are performed with him and some amazing musicians . The first video was a cover of the Game of Thrones theme song which got an overwhelming response. Musically it was sound, however, there was a need to step-up the visuals. Tuhin and Amitesh Mukherjee stepped in and ramped up the visuals of the covers and are still behind most of the amazing videos ! Tushar is attempting to knit classical Indian tones into the script of western music to showcase the beauty of Indian Music. It is a one of a kind concept where fusion of Indo-western styles of music produces a concoction which is deeply emotive as well as thought-provoking showing that music transcends boundaries and has no language.”

Look them up on YouTube and give them a like. Listen to their songs and get blown away with me.