To the reader: The following poem is just a short poem based on a true event that broke my heart back in 2011. The people mentioned in my poem I did not know myself but the event that led to me writing my poem happened and I heard about it one day in a shop. It urged me to write this poem because maybe this poem will make people pause and think. Think about the children and what we do to them. Maybe it will somewhere someday give someone the strength to change. Here is the poem…

From a baby’s eyes

the first time I was able to look in your eyes,
I saw madness…
Your milk tasted funny when you fed me
I saw you so many times with needles in your arms
mommy, why are you killing us…

(c)2011 allen simpson
Mothers shouldn’t do drugs, mothers should nurture their children. Breastfeeding babies while addicted to Heroin is murder.