Do you get lost in the being of you
in the labyrinth of memories
where you journey inside
the inside of you
are you happy
or is there a minotaur inside of you
a beast haunting you
that you cannot forget

are you stuck

and when the dark night comes in your soul
will you remember to call my name
you are not alone
reaching for help is no shame

do you get overwhelmed
in the labyrinth of memories
as if a goblin king has spirited you away
stop just looking inside of you
there is a whole world outside
and even in the dark of your night
like stars the good days can guide you through
trust your heart and let the light shine true

don’t be stuck

There is daylight reaching for you
just remember to call my name
you are not alone
reach for help, cure your pain.

(c) 2016 Allen Simpson
Poet Notes: the goblin king in the poem is a reference to the David Bowie movie Labyrinth (my favourite movie, click on the word Labyrinth to see a movie trailer), the minotaur is a reference to Greek mythology and ‘Kioku no meiro’ is Japanese and means ‘Labyrinth of Memories’

the photo was taken at the Maze Of The Lost City at Sun City by Hanneliese Bredell