The crescent moon’s sad smile was disappearing from the nightsky face
and a roll of distant thunder was a promise of a storm in this place
I was standing there haunted by the faint neon lash of light
as lightning crashed somewhere off the stage, somewhere in the night

I thought I heard your voice singing a forgotten song
of moonbeams and cobwebs and love forlorn
but all it seemed to be were echoes taunting me
as I stood beside the grave in the emptiness

You have never visited me, as you promised the day I died
did you know even in the afterlife ghosts have learned to cry

The crescent moon’s sad face is now hidden completely
the thunder nears as the sky is bleeding water over my grave stone
I am just standing here haunted, neon lightning all around me
my stage is as empty as the hearts of the dead

I thought I heard your voice but it was just a memory
a haunting of what has been and it’s taunting me

(c) 2016 allen simpson
Written Halloween 2016

Photo taken at Swartruggens by Hanneliese Bredell
Photo concept & Design: Wolfie