“Oh my.”
― E.L. James

Yes, it is an actual quote from the book. “Oh My.” I saw the movie and I thought it is the story about a man with a serious incapability to have feelings like a normal person, a guy who can just show expressions when he hits the living hell out of a woman who is an emotionally immature innocent. But hey that is just me. I love sex like the next person and even have no problems with bondage and other fetishes but people like Ana and Christian needs therapy more than sex. I tried to read the book and E.L James is one of the worst writers I have ever read. I actually threatened to burn the book at the next barbeque meeting with my friends. But it was not my book and as I am a gentleman I decided to give the book to back to the woman who asked me to read it.

But I have recently found a video which finally convinced me that there is a very cool way to use Fifty Shades of Grey and here is the video. I hope my friend that owns that crappy book will accept my challenge and the following with me:

I hope you enjoyed the video. And if you liked the book Fifty Shades of Grey, don’t worry I will not judge you. If you like something who am I to tell you that you are wrong.

Disclaimer: This blog insert was done as a parody. No books were harmed during creating this blog post accept the one in the video. I do not hurt books. If I don’t like them I give them to a hospice to bring joy to someone’s life.

P.s. Yes the guy in the photo is me and no, I don’t know the people in the video I found them​ on YouTube