To our forefathers, the Gauls, Goths, Celts and Vikings it was a different world two thousand years ago. And I do mean forefathers. Whether your surname is Simpson, Smith, Van Der Merwe or Fritz you have European ancestry. Especially if you are a whit-skinned person. Before we go ahead with our Christmas Story, bear in mind that this essay is for everyone of every creed and colour. As you continue reading you will understand that.

Before the crucifixion of the person we know as Jesus of Nazareth, thousand of years before, our European ancestors did not know of anyone mentioned in the Bible. For the Vikings, they had no Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Aaron, Joshua, King David or any of those heroes in their folklore. There was no Biblical God nor angels, no walls of Jericho, nor finding baby Hebrews in little containers floating in the river Nile.

Our Viking ancestors believed and worshipped Gods like Thor, God of Thunder and Odin, The All-Father and had Valkyries not angels to believe in. Many Scandinavian folks still believe in these Gods. Are they wrong? Is it wrong to believe in the Gods of your heritage? Have we all lost our heritage when some of the Western World became Christians? And I say SOME of the Western World because there are some people like myself that still believe in the Old Gods.

We respect you and your Christianity. As you pray for us at night to ‘see the light’, we also pray for you. As you have the love for your un-Christian neighbours (which are us), we also have love for you, as our lost brethren. Just like the Bible teaches that ‘we are all children of God’, we also believe that all of Creation are the Children of God.

I look different and some of my poetry is different but I have the love of many Gods in me for you, just as you say you have the love of your God for me. So what is my Christmas Story? My story is that we must learn to love each other even if we believe different. We must accept our differences and also embrace what we have in common. Both our belief-systems wants us to love each other. Both of our belief systems wants us to have a personal relationship with our God or Gods. Every person on this Earth was born and put here for a reason, we all deserve to be here. In this time of Love, Christmas for the Christians and Solstice for the Heathens, let us reach to each other. Let us embrace each other. Let us shine to each our light.

Blessed be

(c) 2016 allen simpson