There are a lot of people that hates Christmas. For some of us, it is a dark man morbid time. It is a time where creepy old men sit on a throne and children whisper in his ear.

Even as a little child I did not like that. I felt sick to my stomach when I saw a little girl or boy sit on the red-suited, white-bearded old man’s lap and whispered in his ear. You never know what type of person that stranger is whispering back to your child (No offence meant, I am sure most Santas are pure beautiful people), but there have been crimes committed in Santa suits. (Read about some here).

A person who I will not name once went to a Christmas Family Party with his parents. The kid was 5. In the middle of the Christmas party, a Santa appeared, dressed in a red shirt, red pants and a red baseball hat with a beard made from cotton. The Santa was drunk. He accidently stepped on the kid’s foot and when the kid cried out in pain, hit the boy with his fist… It also turned out that the ‘Santa’ was the boy’s own father. The boy’s aunt, his mother’s sister told me this story with tears in here eyes because for years after that the boy was afraid of Santa Claus.

Sometimes Santa is not a nice person… you better watch out…

(c) 2016 allen simpson