Tomorrow is Summer Solstice for us Pagans in the South, and Winter Solstice for the Pagans in the North. I wonder how many Christians, Muslims etc will wish us a Blessed Solstice…

I wonder how many of us Pagans, will wish the Christians Merry Christmas.

I wonder if there really are respect towards other religions among my online friends.

There is a rule among many Pagans that states:’Harm No-one’

There is a rule among Christians that states:‘Love your neighbour, as you love yourself’

This year I wonder how much we as humans, as Pagan, Christians, Buddhist etc have grown.

Do we ascend out of intolerance into spiritual disciples of a Greater Good or do we descent into spiritual stupidity?

Some of you will not like this post.  I still respect you. We all deserve to be respected and we are all different entities. I still cling to the belief that we all can evolve beyond intolerance and self-justification, into a mind state of love.

I wish all of my friends and readers a blessed Solstice or a Blessed Christmas, a blessed Hanukkah and to all a season of peace, harmony and love.

Blessed Be,