I really don’t like Christmas. I also am not fond of Lady Gaga. I think any person who wears a dress made from t-bone steaks (yes she wore a dress made out of meat once) is just not lekker… But she has a great voice and today I want to use her to bring across a point.

There is a Christmas song… not a carol just a song that she covered with vocal giant Tony
Bennett (a lot of artists actually did their version of the song) for a TV commercial. Here is the song… and it sounds very innocent, but after watching this video, read on.

Sounds so innocent maybe? But I found a video where two actors took the lyrics of the words and acted it out as a drama… and it shows a whole darker meaning to the song. Watch the video and remember…

It is cold outside…

Disclaimer: I have nothing against the spiritual meaning of Christmas nor Christmas Carols, but certain things just bring the beauty of it down….