Sacred to the memory
Every drop of blood
And every soul
Spilled to bring peace
Over every hill and plain
Nook and cranny of our land

Over the hills and even far away
Far away where invisible borders lie

Remember black and white blurs
Evoking grey
Measure all souls lost
Every soul, every creed, ever colour
Messily spilled
Because of greed
Red-coated empires locking
All, black and white with
No empathy or compassion in
Concentration Camps
Even children


(we were all one nation to them)

let this be our season of remembrance
let us remember
let us be one

© 2017 allen Simpson
read the first letter of each sentence before the asterisk

Dedicated to the White and Black citizens of South Africa who were put into Concentration Camps during the Anglo-Boer War. They are sacred to my memory. They are remembered.