The other day someone posted a question on FB to her friends about which artists, living or dead they would invite for dinner if they had the choice. I decided to compile a list of six guests I would personally love to invite to such a Dinner. Six Artists that inspired many. This list may change but for tonight I have chosen six profound and deep and beautiful artist that I would love to have dinner with me if I had the luck to pull a dinner of legends off.

Guest 1 Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe is a legend and one of the best poets I have ever read. He is known for Poems like ‘The Raven’ and ‘Annabel Lee.’ Poe lived from 1809 to 1849. Here is a representation of his poem Annabel Lee, so have a listen…

Guest 2 Ingrid Jonker

Ingrid Jonker is probably one of the best if not the best South African poets that ever existed. Her Bitterbessie Dagbreek and ‘Toemaar die donker Man’ are two of the poems that inspired me to become the poet I am. She lived from 1933 to 1965. Here is a representation of Ingrid Jonker’s poem ‘Ek Herhaal Jou’ in Dutch by a Dutch artist.

Guest 3 David Bowie

David Bowie inspired a lot of artists like U2, The Smiths, Depeche Mode and Hexotericka. He is best known for songs like Space Oddity and Life on Mars. David Bowie lived 1947 to 2016. Here is a video of his hit song Life on Mars.

Guest 4 Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash is a legend and known for his songs ‘When a Man Comes Around’ ‘Ring of Fire’ and ‘I walk the line’ He lived from 1932 to 2003. Here is a video of him covering Depeche Mode’s legendary song ‘Personal Jesus’.

Guest 5 Anna Varney

Anna Varney is a very talented individual. She is the brains behind ‘Sopor Aeturnus & the Ensemble of Shadows. Sopor Aeturnus was founded in 1989. To my knowledge, she is still alive and the first person on this ‘dinner list’ that is still alive. She is best known for her legendary song ‘Hades Platoon’ and I share with you a personal favourite song of hers called ‘Children of The Corn’

Guest 6 Hanneliese Bredell

This beautiful poet is no stranger to my readers. Hanneliese is still very much alive and with her, we are a super hero team called ‘Die Dig Pelgrims’. She is my 6th guest since she will kill me if I do not invite her to the same dinner table as Edgar Allan Poe, since she too loves his words and she also likes several of my other guests. (She is the lovely lady with me in the picture). I love her poetry and here is one of her poems:


i am a scorching blue dragon
drifting, in a purple sky
i fly free,
but, i am without heart

cold streaks of wind brush my cheeks
turning my tears to ice
scarlet ruby pearls they form,
my eyes, cry blood

ate my bloodless heart
to escape his icyworld,
to a new Nineveh…

his realm was a cave
he awated his means-to-live
without wings, he has no cause,
helplessly, he shall fall

the pages of this story,
will just meaningless turn in the midst
unless, the finger that know,
dip in those scarlet ruby tears
to translate the soul,
that is seeking to love…

Helh-eim bewitched,
by my own words…

(c) Hanneliese 14 March 2016

In Conclusion:

SO this is my dinner list and some of the guests may seem strange to you but to quote The Joker (From the Batman Comics): ‘That which do not kill you, makes you stranger.’ This is my list. Please feel free to share with me your list of Dinner guests.

Till next time,