a button-eyed rag doll left eye blind,
covered with dust and grime…
a typewriter missing some keys,
a watch (bashed in) that cannot keep the time…

a time machine of yesterdays,
of what people used to hold dear
even today, something new will appear

a pram frame that once held
an infant’s tender body,
and a Barbie’s headless corpse
a broken radio
some batteries, gone sour

even memories…
even sentimental echoes…
will end up…
in the dump

(c) 2004 Allen Simpson

an old poem, written in a time when I suffered from Depression before I was diagnosed and understood the disease. I rediscovered the poem today and thought I would share it with you because I like the metaphor that is hidden in these words.

Concept Art: Allen Simpson & Hanneliese Bredell