It’s calling you again
your blood buzzing within
the Moon calls you in
give in to the skin

a new world opens up now
enter enter, no fear now
run child, be the wind now

embrace the night
become the wolf
no need to fight
run to the light
silver love moonlight

run child be wild
give up the man, be the beast now
run child be free
give in to the blessing, cast off the curse now

otherkin, werewolf, skinwalker
Lycan, Lupine, spirit-talker
run child run
away into the star-bright
run child run
join us in the moonlight
run wolf run

(c)2012 Allen Simpson
for the wolves in my heart and the wolves in my life, drawn from various wolf myths both ancient and current around the world

Photo (c) 2017 allen simpson & Hanneliese Bredell