“Look at that woman, she is so old”
“That man looks so boring”
“Ugh, her tattoos makes her look like a hooligan”
“His nose is so big, God I can’t look away”

We judge people. We do not look for beauty, we look for flaws. What the fuck is wrong with us. Why do we judge people so harshly. I myself have forgotten sometimes to see beauty in others. Ghandi said that in order to change the world we have to change ourselves. Therefore every day from today I am going to go on Facebook and the very first person I see on my news feed I am going to tell that he or she is a beautiful person. I am going to tell at least one person something beautiful about him or herself. I want to show the world that beauty is in every one. All of us.

And if you read this I am starting here. You are beautiful. Not just because I am writing this, but because you exist, everyone were created beautiful and what we do with that is our choice. I want to find that beauty in me as I find it in you. You and I we are beautiful. #WeAreBeautiful

(c) 2017 allen simpson