Be still within and listen to the Land
the cries of a night-bird, an owlish hunger cry
the senseless patter of raindrops on sand
the songs of frogs that never lie

Be still within and listen to the beat of your heart
hear the promise of life beating within
discover the YOU that is alive

Share the love of Creation
be touched by Nature
be in touch with the Divine
cross the line…

We are of Nature until Nature we become
We are ALL and we are NONE
Our days are numbered and they are not
We are within the Divine and each God

Be still, listen please listen to
your voice so gentle in your heart,
still speaking
and silently touching the Divine within…

(c) 2011 allen simpson

Rediscovered this old poem. Back then I dedicated it to two beautiful teachers, OOFT and Janeen Besseling. And to Niniane, the White. I also dedicate this now to an Astral Magi and wonder if she remembers this…

Art by Allen Wolfie Simpson