Listen…. can you hear that…. that sound… yes it is the beating of your heart. Right now over eight billion people share that sound. Each rub-dub beat a little different. We always look at how different we are as human being, we look at each other’s race, how thin or fat we are, how to find ugly in each other, glad we are we do not have certain flaws we see in each other. But… have we ever considered the beauty of every other person, of the potential that each carrier of that beautiful heart holds. Have we ever stopped to look at that man or woman others see as ugly and see something so profoundly beautiful that transcends all the ugly that we force ourselves to see in others?

We need to acknowledge each other’s beautiful uniqueness. We need to look past ‘how old that person is’, ‘how ugly that person’s mole is on his neck’, ‘how that woman’s dress looks rundown.’ We need to see that person as someone who is someone that is loved, how that person maybe has shown a stranger some loving kindness today. We need to realise that maybe that person lost someone close to them, or have sadness in them but despite themselves maybe gave someone else today a smile, a smile that was needed.

Hear your heart. Look at that stranger that you judge maybe too quickly. Hear his or her heart. Listen…

Listen. Love. Heal.

Shadow whisper blessings to all,


(c) 2017 allen wolfie simpson