in a sea of red on mortal soil
the sons of war await the call
fallen by axe, fallen by the blade
tonight they feast in Valhöll

from the skies see them ride
maidens of swan and blade
the daughters of Odin, proud and bright
descent to deal the dead their fate.

a valkyrie kneel beside a corpse
and stoke its broken face
see the spirit of the Viking rise
the joy of Odin’s grace

tonight the dead will sit beside All-Father
in the halls of the slain


when my time comes, All-Father
by old age or by the blade
I pray thy daughters to me will come
and that Valhöll will be my fate

(c) 2017 Allen Wolfie Simpson

Walkürenritt (German) means ‘Flight of the Valkyries’

Model: Hanneliese Bredell
Concept: Allen Wolfie Simpson