Want to hear a horror story? Let me tell you one. We all have had a family member or loved one that died and we wished that said family member would return from the dead. Not a ‘Walking Dead’ or ‘Zombie’, but as the version of the deceased we grew up with and loved.

There is not a person in this life right now, that did not wish for this to happen. And God is doing us all a favour for not granting us this wish,  but let us imagine that God decided “Hey, they all want their dead family members back, let’s grant their wishes.” We are currently 7, 75 Billion people on this planet. Let’s say God give us each a family member back from the dead… That will be well over 15 Billion people on the Earth suddenly. In some areas, we already have a problem with feeding everyone. Wars will suddenly break out because suddenly there is not enough food to feed everyone. Enjoying the horror story so far.

Another thought. Humans are not a loving caring race. We are selfish. Some of the people that reappear on the earth suddenly were victims of murder, hit-and-runs etc. They will go and look for their murderers… and most murders are committed by family members so you may get your beloved Aunt Betty back but she was murdered by your mum and guess who you are losing next.

Now the next and last part of our horror story. Some of the people that suddenly returned where suicides and let’s face it some of them might just do it to themselves again.

May God, whoever She is, never turn into a sick bastard. There is a reason for the dead to stay dead… May they never come back…

Isn’t it better to meet up with them one day when you have died at the time you were meant to? The afterlife knows no overpopulation, murder and suicide. You will see Aunt Betty there one day as things were meant to.

(c) 2017 Allen Wolfie Simpson