Creation, a tickle term
a soul fuse with egg and sperm
brought into this world
before the child breathes
his fate is sold…
will his father
hold a gun against his head?
will he be beaten until his dead?
will he be abused
a new creation
filled with the craftsmanship of a bitter father.
Will his mother be a drunk
high on skunk
hiding in a plastic world
the drugs-enfold
prison keeping her in.
Will the baby be a slave
a fuck-up version of
mommy or daddy until the grave?

when you give life
it’s your creation
to love, nurture and set free
into the world with:
“Be all you can be..”
but I see so much
how children are given only pain
and become, my friends
they weep like rain
and I have to try to heal
their broken souls
Do you know how the fuck
it feels,
to love tortured souls?
So new born parents
listen the fuck to me…
be a good father
or mommy
be all you can be
for your little kid
break the cycle
stop the evil shit
you have a choice
to be better parents
than yours
so fucking parent up
the choice is yours…

(c) 2012 allen simpson
there is a lot of ‘fuck’ and ‘shit’ in this poem. But it is needed sometimes… If you don’t like swear words used in poetry… grow balls.

For all my friends that have suffered abuse and for all my friends that just became parents, this poem is for you. Love you all. Be the best you can be. love yourself. *hugs*

A special thanks to my model Hanneliese Bredell that posed for the photo. The photo’s name is ‘Seramis Version 2’. It is a mother and child photo inspired by the virgin Mary and Jesus as well as Isis and Osiris