Sharing a few of my older and smaller poems… just because

Between the shadow and the wolf

between the shadow and the wolf
an ancient Path there be
and mirrors are but shadows
if that wolf is me…

Big Bad Wolf is fairy tale
that huff and puff your house away
because home is where the heart is,
and you are here to stay…

(c) 2012 allen simpson

Last Bite of Shelob

Dust dust everywhere
we taste the

Shelob’s at the door
to kiss the pain away

and yet
Sting sings it silver song
she is no more

(c) 2011 allen simpson
for Tolkien

Art by Keith van Zyl

A god crying

I once saw a god weeping
he was chained to a rock
his flesh torn, liver eaten
by a giant hawk.

For Prometheus loved man
who were cursed
to live on a cold world
he gave them a sacred flame…

Let no good deed go unpunished

(c) 2011 allen simpson
Based on the Greek myth
Special thanks to the foot model and photographer, Hanneliese