I just saw someone on youtube burning the Quran and it sickness me. I would never burn something someone holds sacred. I am not a Christian, I am not a Muslim, nor an atheist. I see myself as a heathen and I want to be respected. How can we respect ourselves, our beliefs, our country if we step on something another person holds sacred?  

Can we look into the faces of our children and teach them about a God of Love or a life of tolerance and respect if we do not practice those values. We live in an age where we have learned so much, where we have proven that we can stand together in times of crisis. We live in an age where a common stranger can give his last money to help victims of tsunamis and wars, yet we live in an age of spoiled little children too.

Children that have never had hardships, never tasted war or loss that can burn someone’s sacred beliefs for fun. My aren’t we the heroes. My aren’t we ‘men’.

Real men don’t burn things. We love and respect them. Real me don’t burn, love…

(c) 2017 allen wolfie simpson