'n venster na 'n ander wêreld


September 2017

Have you ever seen the shadows dance

Have you ever seen the shadows dance
between the cracks in the wall?
have you focused your eyes
into that small hole in the garden wall? Lees voort “Have you ever seen the shadows dance”

Afrikaans met Mag – ‘n Kiewiet en ‘n Plaashek

Ons Taal is ‘n lewendige taal. Maar ons skeep dit soms af. Lees voort “Afrikaans met Mag – ‘n Kiewiet en ‘n Plaashek”

driving in circles


driving in circles, searching for a way
to make sense of every day, empty space
round and round sitting shotgun in the car
the driver is economy and it is robbing me
even if there is an answer it is too far away
and the circles we are riding in
is sucking the gas from the tank in my heart Lees voort “driving in circles”

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