First of all, before we start I want to thank my best friend, Vassago for making me the art for the Pidgey Evolocke. it looks smashing!!!

Pokemon Fire Red Pidgey Evolocke Episode005 I bug you not!

In Episode 005 Shadows enters Viridian Forest with his trusty Pidgeys. Time for Caterpies and Weedles to become birdfeed or will the #pidgeycrew lose a member to the bugs? Birds and bugs have been enemies for centuries, and maybe the bugs will avenge themselves against the birds that fed upon them since the beginning of time….

Pokemon Fire Red Pidgey Evolocke Episode006 Shadows VS Brock

In Episode 006, our hero Shadows takes on Brock’s gym. The #PidgeyCrew’s biggest challenge yet. Will there be survivors or is this the end of the Pokemon Fire Red Pidgey Evolocke?!!!