when it rains
and emotion pours out
it floods
be it joy or sorrow
I want you then
to hold my hand
to share my smile
to uplift my heart

when it rains
and you drown
I want to carry you too
to a place of my heart
wipe your tears
and hold your hand
and give you my smile
to uplift your heart

when it rains
and you are happy
you hand in mine
your smile in mine
our hearts entwined
in a place where
empathy melted into unity
where this world
can’t touch us…

in that rain
we will flow
because love is a vast ocean
from which all the reasonable
will drink.

(c) 2018 allen wolfie simpson

dear reader, I have been in bed this past week with a lung infection. It started one night with the worst cold fever I had, I became delirious, went in search for a glass of water, fell in the kitchen, not hurting myself, don’t worry, I am well padded. I crawled into my bedroom, finding myself too weak to climb into my bed and fell asleep on my bedroom floor. Eventually, later I woke up, managed to crawl into bed and slept 21 hours for the first time in my life. I did go to see a doctor and received medication. I am recovering. On the cold rainy day that I went to the doctor, this poem was born in my head.

See you soon, dear readers, I cherish you all dearly. I write for you