a maiden at her mirror stands,
her worries painted on her face
she calls out in her heart
with hope

mist shrouds the mirror
and a masked man steps through
his shadows casting wolves on the walls
he calls out to her
an invitation…

(his voice):

“Come my beautiful
come, my dear,
enter my portal
let’s disappear
Let not the trappings of yesterday
hold you back
take eyeliner
and paint those worry lines black

off in a distance – do you hear
soft pianissimo whispers so clear
inviting you to come to my den
the wolf is hungry to sate you, my hen

Come my beautiful
come, my dear,
enter my portal
let’s disappear
hands are not needed to open this door
listen to your heart
unlock your will
you have the power to enter Evermore”

(her voice):

“yesterday my wings were rust
my feathers crumpled in the dust
I felt the weight on my back
my tears fell in shades of black
now there is a portal
so take my hand
hold fast, hold strong
take me to wonderland

my forehead was lined
like an I Ching of worries
I felt so stuck
like a prisoner of bad luck
now there is a portal
woven by your hand
my masked hero
lead me to wonderland


imagine if you will, a moment of mist
surrounding the lovers in a shroud
the masked prince steps through
holding her hand
then pulls her into
Evermore… a wonderland

(c) 2018 allen wolfie simpson