The world is going to end soon. How soon is soon? Let’s think about this…

Most of humanity, it seems really wants the world to end. For centuries dates have been given when the world is supposed to end, and for some strange reason, we are all still here! To some people a god (Call him or her by any name,) an angel, an alien appeared and gave them a date, and so far all those dates happened and we are still here.

Not to spit on it, but for the sake of sanity stop believing the world is going to end. Live for now Instead of collecting stuff in a warehouse or bunker, for ‘just in case’, do something that benefits humanity. Build a house for a homeless person, teach the hungry to fish, save abused animals. Instead of waiting for your lord or lady to come on the clouds to take you away to Planet Zod or heaven or the Trump mansion, stop waiting, do something beautiful.

There is too much post-apocalyptic doom and gloom prophecies out there… the paranoid believers keep on hammering on such bullshit. I am not sitting on my arse waiting for a god to come, I am living every day because it is precious.

That the world is going to end is true, but it is not up to humans to set a date to it, it is insulting. I have no problem with people believing in the second coming of Jesus, I have no problem with religion. I have a problem with people that that make that the only thing they want to talk about. I have a problem with doom-and-gloom-people that sit on their arses, too lazy or too wrapped up in an -end-of-world-scenario- that they forget how precious life is.

Here is a document on how many times people predicted the world would end. (Click Here).

Screw the end of your world buddy, a new world is starting for me every day. And THAT is God’s greatest gift. A new life. Every single day.

If you feel insulted after reading this, then you really missed my message. No religion was harmed here, except those that preach doom and gloom and not hope.

(c) 2018 allen wolfie simpson

Photo taken at Rebecca Street Cemetary by Hanneliese Bredell