A while back I started keeping a journal, just for fun, about ideas and thoughts that I get in my head. I decided to share one of my entrees with you. (But fixed all my mistakes). Since Afrikaans is my mother tongue I am challenging myself by only writing English in my journal. I do plan to get one exclusively for Afrikaans as well.

Here then, is my entry:

20/11/18 10:57

“We string letters, form words, to construct sentences to communicate our feelings…

… Yet, the way we are now, we do not use words to communicate, in a sense. We abbreviate, using pathetic, shallow and empty letters on our cell phones, letters that have no soul…

lol, brb, GR* – There is nothing great about GR8, it looks empty, abstract like a car’s license plate. It is a bunch of letters and a number. Not great at all…

No wonder so many ‘educated’ today cannot spell correctly or use correct grammar anymore. Like “We’re taking a brake, since we are tired”, instead of “We’re taking a break since we are tired”. How will taking the brake pedal from a car alleviate your tiredness, or what the hell is a ‘brake’ in that context? Do not give me a ‘brake’, hell no!

We and I mean WE, are losing our ability to use words to bring beauty to communication. I am just as guilty. As a poet and writer, I feel ashamed. I am just as guilty. When have I sold the soul of my art, words, to the devil called ‘Trendy’?

lol and brb and GR8 may be trendy but it is empty. I aim to not go that route again. Words are too beautiful to trample on.”

(c) 2018 Allen Wolfie Simpson

Photo : Allen wolfie Simpson