When every drop of new thought,
every sliver of silver-tongued prose
every note and every line of every
new song stops being born
when every original idea is burned
to ashes, when wordsmiths, painters,
and vocalists are all forgotten
when art has become but a
stanza or a line in the terrible
history of man
then all will be lost
the world will be empty
and in the end, there will be
nothing and nothing will give birth
to nothing.
what a terrible and fascinating idea…

(c) 2018 Allen wolfie Simpson


While my computer and router were out of commission I wrote poems and thought in my journal. This poem, ‘Original Thought’ was one of them. I wrote it because I felt lost without my art, which is stored on my computer and lost because I could not share my art with you. My world is empty without art, but luckily had my journal… oh the things I wrote in there… Best you don’t read all of it… As the poet said: “what a terrible and fascinating idea… ” *wink, wink*