There is more to a person than meets the eye. I am going to reveal a secret to you. I am a content writer for an entertainment blog called AnimeFanatika. It is one of my main sources of income. We promote Japanese Anime. We also collaborate with like-minded artists and writers that also want to promote anime. Anime is for everyone. There are anime that can only be watched by adults, and anime that is more for children and anime that are for everyone. Let’s be reasonable, anime is like normal television. You would not show your eight-year-old Game of Thrones (Except if you are a very sick person) because of the violence and sexual content, but you might show the child a show like Good Witch or Monk.

Did you know that recently a few beautiful people got together to work on The South African Anime Awards? I have been part of it since 2017. I am proud to tell you guys that I was part of The South African Anime Awards 2018 as well. Here is a video of our hard labour and love. Please support me by having a look at the video. Maybe you’ll see a favourite show or something you haven’t seen yet.