Making love to the darkness called regret
drowning in my cigarette
watching the smoke drift
like tendrils of sadness
in empty air

and the monster-monster is in my bed
and the monster-monster said:

“Do you think you can escape
my clutches my little one?
I am your depression
you will come undone”

Making out with the sadness
I listened to that voice
my prisoner of terror
the stealer of my choice

and my monster-monster is in my bed
and to the monster-monster I said:

“I see you in my mirror
I see you in my dreams
today I look you in the eyes
you are more empty than it seems.
Some days you feed on me
that empty pit that is you, cannot be filled
but I’ll be damned if I feed you today
go drown yourself in your abyss, in your own silt”

Making peace to my darkness
I stood up, my regret has gone from my sight
I may be a light shining darkly
but my ultra-violet soul
can also shine brightly.
So on bad days, I may shine less
but I never give up the fight
I may even fall
but I have the heart of might.

(c) 2019 allen wolfie simpson

“Depression is a war, some days battles are lost, but some days they are won. Ultra-violet light reveals things that we cannot see in the dark. Some people are like that, ultra-violet light shining brightly. They are beautiful too. Shine bright, even if you shine darkly.” Allen Wolfie Simpson