Hello, I am wolfie. As you know a lot of people has to climb out of the closet and admit who they are. Some thin people wish they were overweight, and some overweight people wish they were thin. Some people call themselves fat. I have never seen a fat person in my life as fat is an ingredient. It does not define a person. If you as an example look at ingredients of a food item you buy, it may contain gluten, peanuts, vegetable or animal fat. See fat is an ingredient. I am not fat. I HAVE fat. Fat is something we all have but we cannot be fat. I am a human being not fat.

I am also not an overweight man, wishing to be thin. I love myself for me. Yes, I have been on a diet and I am thinner than I used to be but I love the overweight me, I have been this person for 46 years. That is why I have decided to climb out of the closet because I have a secret…

I am trans-slender. Trans translate to ‘over’ as in the word ‘Transvaal’ means ‘somewhere over the Vaal River’. Trans-slender means to me I am over slender. Instead of saying I am overweight I say I am trans-slender, I am over-slender. Over-slender means I am not slender, but I am okay with it. It is okay not to be a slender person. It does not make you less beautiful than any other person. It also does not mean you believe in living an unhealthy lifestyle. It means you accept that you are of different body shape and size.

Even if I lose 80% of my body weight, I will stay trans-slender. Because it is who I am. If you want to stay fat, then stay fat. I am not fat. I am not an ingredient. I am a human being. A beautiful trans-slender soul.

(c) 2019 allen wolfie simpson