Taboo can be unreasonable. A few years ago I met a woman that does not buy canned products etc that has Halaal symbols on them because “Those products are from Muslim factories and if you buy Halaal products you are supporting terrorism”. Her words, not mine.

Curious I set out and looked at several canned products like fish and beans. Some of them had Halaal symbols on and some did not. Then I looked at the address of the companies on those cans and they were the same.

So, even if you buy or boycott halaal, it comes from the same place. Not that I give a damn about the baked beans I buy, or halaal or terrorism when I am hungry or when I am almost broke. If a can of beans is on special I buy them, symbol or not.

Life is too short for stupid taboos and conspiracy theories. I am not against any religions and I have taste food at Buddhist Temples, broke bread with Hindus, Christians and Pagan. I have no issues with being civilized and respecting other cultures, or stuffing my face with food from another religion. If we respect things different from our upbringing, faith and lifestyle, we also nurture respect in a way that we can inspire someone to be as respectful as we are. We, all of us on this gorgeous blue mudball Earth, deserve respect. Bring me your halaal products and I will go feed the hungry that are ascended beyond petty taboos. Just saying.

(c) 2019 Allen Simpson