static wonders mesmerize
static wonders mesmerize

fill me with death fill me with sand fill me with everything you don’t understand fill me with pain let me be your grave

I am just a slave to the emptiness you crave I am the gaping hole in that broken thing you call a soul I am the machine for the robot you are within

Give me your desolation my absolution is your solution

I give mercy like candy I give dreams to the sleepless and nightmares to the sleepers I am the doctor of your plague depression is my name

my static wonders mesmerize you will never need to get up I will hold you down as you drown I will kiss your open wound and swim in your pain

do people really love you? they say depression is not real… millions committed suicide in my name so maybe I don’t exist…

they sure don’t anymore…

(c) 2019 Allen Wolfie Simpson

All art by Allen Wolfie Simpson

Poet’s Notes with links:
I did an experiment listening to The Swedish Rhapsody number station, inside the static I found inspiration but it was dark. As I listened to it this poem was born. It is Depression sharing itself with us…

Maybe that is the secret of The Swedish Rhapsody

Many people do not believe in depression. They treat sufferers of depression like shit. Wake up. The biggest cause of suicide in this day and age is depression. Be a light to the depressed or find them one day dead because you did nothing…