those empty-eyed boys
those empty-eyed boys

homeward bound after school the boy,
around the corner
a gauntlet of fists
in his head, he lists
the things not said

he wishes he was
so he can haunt them,
those empty-eyed boys

they hit where no marks show
they rain their fists decisive blows

no-one tries to help the boy,
of pain, and sounds
of fists thunder…
the afternoon is sunny
but his hope crushed

he wishes he was
so they don’t see him,
those empty-eyed boys

they kick where his manhood dies
they spit, on his hollow face

and what do we do to help?
what do we do to help?
we watch
because we are just like
those empty-eyed boys
we are nothing but empty-eyed boys

(c) 2019 allen wolfie simpson
bullies are bastards, people that do not help people that are being bullied are worse.